When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, in addition to proper nutrition, the topic of sports will sooner or later also come up. Although exercise is a key to achieving well-being and an active lifestyle, the basis is the quality of the diet! The muscles that build up as a result of sports, post-exercise regeneration and training all require energy from our body, so the task is to bring in the necessary nutrients and replenish the energy we use, whether it is for a good rest or a nice meal.

The positive effects of sports on our physical, emotional and mental health can be a stimulus for everyone, whether training has been an integral part of our lives for a long time, or we are just now considering incorporating it into our daily routine.

We have a few of the positive effects which, if you are not in the mood already, will definitely get you motivated:

  1. Regular exercise contributes to the building of muscle, the regular functioning of the body’s circulation, and the acceleration of metabolism and digestion.
  2. Training helps to strengthen the immune system, increases endurance, and thus the well-being of the physical body!
  3. Exercising evokes a feeling of happiness thanks to the endorphins and dopamine released during exercise, so even after a stressful day, it is guaranteed to cheer you up and relieve anxiety!
  4. Achieving the small goals you set has a self-confidence-boosting effect, as does gaining and retaining our newest and best form during training.
  5. After sports, the brain functions better due to the increased oxygen level, so it is no coincidence that this is when you come up with the best thoughts or a solution to a long-delayed problem!
  6. The point is in regularity (and as in so many other cases) in moderation and gradation. By setting small steps and goals, we will be able to maintain our motivation and achieve the desired result!

Conscious nutrition is a good basis for achieving our goals in the field of sports, as we will not achieve spectacular results even with the best set of exercises or a well-structured training plan if we do not properly replenish our bodies with the right nutrients!

Although salads and green leaves are very healthy, on training days it is worth choosing dishes rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins, as they provide enough energy to last our bodies until the end of the workout and we no longer need to postpone our scheduled workout session due to dizziness, fatigue, or weakness after the first 20 minutes.

High-carbohydrate dishes include, for example, rice or rice noodles, which can be paired with chicken, duck, crab, tofu, or possibly mushrooms as a protein, and let’s not forget about fiber consumption and vegetables – recommended to be timed after sports.

In connection with training and nutrition (although it may seem obvious), it is worth emphasizing that continuous exercise also requires a constant supply of nutrients, so we should make sure our bodies have all the resources they need for re-energization and growth.

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