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Ryžové rezance

Gluten and egg free, low fibre noodle, light and fast absorbing carbs.

Vaječné rezance

Due to the addition of eggs, it is also high in protein and iodine.

Sklenené rezance

Light pasta made from mung beans, gluten and egg free.

Celozrnné rezance

High in dietary fibre, which further ensures a feeling of satiety.

Udon rezance

A thick noodle made from wheat flour, a staple of Japanese cuisine.

Biela ryža

Gluten-free, an excellent source of carbs. Easy to digest and filling.

Hnedá ryža

It contains much more fibre, B vitamins and protein than white rice.

Zeleninový základ

If you want a little extra fibre, a vegetable mix containing courgette, broccoli, cauliflower and Chinese kale is a good choice.

Konjakové rezance

Vegan-friendly, high biological value Japanese noodles with almost zero calories and carbs.


Gluten-free, an excellent source of protein. High concentration of all 9 essential amino acids, essential for a healthy lifestyle.

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