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Which bases, toppings and sauces should I choose if I’m lactose intolerant or do not consume milk at all?

Feel free to choose any of our sauces because they are made with plant based cream. From the soups, you can choose Tom Kha and TomTom soup. Our lactose-free desserts are the Cherry Mousse with Tapioca, and if you’re looking for a completely dairy-free option, choose the Raspberry Coconut Cream.

What kind of meals can I eat if I’m a vegetarian?

The following sauces contain ingredients of animal origin (fish): Thailand-Padthai, Laos-Red curry, Malay-Coconut curry. If you are a vegetarian, please inform our colleague when ordering that you would like the meal without the basic sauce, as it contains oyster sauce. All our soups contain a meat or beef stock base. Among our desserts is the Raspberry Coconut Cream, which does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

What kind of meals should I choose if I’m vegan?

As a vegan, be sure to ask for the dishes without eggs and base sauce, because the base sauce contains oyster sauce. Among the pastas, glass noodles, rice noodles, konjac noodles and udon noodles are vegan, both rice bases, the vegetable mix and quinoa are also vegan options. The following sauces contain ingredients of animal origin: Thailand-Padthai, Laos-Red curry, Malay-Coconut curry sauce, Peking sauce. All our soups contain a meat or beef stock base. If you would like to pick a dessert, we recommend our Raspberry Coconut Cream dessert.

What kind of choices do you recommend if I don’t eat gluten?

Our bases made from rice (rice pasta, rice), glass noodles, quinoa, konjac noodles and the vegetable base do not contain gluten. You can eat our desserts freely, with the exception of White chocolate mousse with maracuja. Tom Kha and Tom Yum soup are also gluten-free options. With the exception of karaage, you can eat all meat toppings even if you are gluten-sensitive. The following bases and sauces contain gluten, so avoid them: egg pasta, whole wheat pasta, udon pasta, among the sauces, Japan-Teriyaki, Peking and Basic Sauce contain gluten, so it is important that if you are gluten sensitive, you request your preparation without a base sauce. Malay-Coconut curry does not contain a base sauce. IMPORTANT! Even our gluten-free foods can come into contact with gluten!

I’d like to avoid sugar. What would you recommend?

Our Japanese Teriyaki sauce contains no added sugar, so it may be a good choice for you. All other sauces, including the base sauce, contain added sugar. Among the desserts, the Cherry Mousse with Tapioca and the Raspberry Coconut Cream will be your friends, as they do not contain added refined sugar.

I have reflux, what should I choose?

In case you have reflux, you should always choose based on individual sensitivity. All that can be said for sure is that the bases with a high fiber content are recommended: brown rice, whole grain pasta. Due to their high protein content, lean meats (chicken breast) and tofu as a meat substitute are also good choices. Vegetables and extra toppings should be added to meals depending on individual sensitivities. The basic vegetable mix contains sliced red onion, so we recommend ordering your meal without it. In case of reflux, non-spicy sauces are recommended (Japanese-Teriyaki; Chinese-sweet-sour), spicy sauces should be avoided!


Is Padthai a dog-friendly place?

Our team is fully dog friendly, but unfortunately our restaurants cannot be due to legislation. In good weather, however, your four-legged companion is welcome on our terraces!

I would like to make a reservation. Where can I do this?

Reservations are not possible, but you can be sure to find a table at any of our restaurants!

Is home delivery available?

We have entrusted our home delivery to the innovative Wolt, which operates in more than 35 countries. You can easily order through the app, choose from a selection of pre-prepared meals, or of course, put together your own favourite padthai. You can follow the delivery drivers live, who promise to deliver your food as quickly and hot as possible. Download the app here: get.wolt.com


Where did the padthai success story start?

During our travels in Asia, we were inspired by healthy, fresh and varied food and a sense of life close to nature. We thought that there was a need for a niche restaurant in our country, one that catered to the needs of the fast-paced city, while being healthy and nutritious. A place that combines oriental flavours with an urban environment, nature with the city centre, speed with quality. Thus began the story of the padthai wokbar in 2012.

What does the word "padthai" mean?

Pad Thai is a street food speciality of Thai gastronomy. It is a fried rice noodle with egg, tofu, crab, peanuts, chilli, lime and vegetables, usually eaten on the street by locals. Here, as in Asia, the variations are endless and the combination is completely customisable, from the basics (rice, noodles, vegetables), to meat and vegetarian toppings, to sauces with a variety of flavours.

I would like to work for you. Where can I apply?

On our website, you can find our vacancies under the careers menu and fill in the form to apply for the job you’re interested in.

I would like to participate in the distribution of the padthai wokbar, franchise system. Who can I contact?

Padthai wokbar aims to expand continuously. If you have an idea where we are missing, we welcome tips on where to locate! All contact is welcome, if you would like to collaborate with us in any way, to be part of the padthai wokbar family, email info@padthaiwokbar.com.

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